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About Us

Zonies Galleria opened with the mission to fill a specific niche in the Sedona market. Partners Nancy Scagnelli and Becky O’Banion wanted to provide visitors and locals handmade arts and crafts from Arizona and the Southwest.   That’s even the origin of the name “Zonies”…a nickname for the Arizonans who flock to the California coast each summer. 

We originally tapped local potters (including Nancy’s husband Steve), photographers, metal workers, jewelers, wood workers, gourd artists, and more to bring in their creations. As we traveled the southwest, our collections grew. With 20 years in the same location, the artists now bring in their wares. 

We still focus on the small-production handcrafters and artists. Zonies is filled with ceramics, mesquite lamps, giclee photo prints, jewelry with a modern southwest bent, wall art, soaps and candles, nightlights, rugs, decorated gourds, photo frames, aprons and potholders, and on and on. Our most recent addition is a smattering of books for hikers, children, cooks, and readers interested in the beauty of Sedona and the Southwest. You’ll find little made outside the U.S….some Zapotec rugs and coasters, some printed goods to complement your table. 

Nancy and husband Steve also have Esteban’s in Tlaquepaque, a shop we call our “sister store” since we share several artists, but each maintains a unique collection and ambiance

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